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August 03, 2016


Plasma Ignition System

Light Speed Engineering

Advanced Solid-State Ignition Technology
Since 1986



Leading ignition technology in aircraft since 1986, Light Speed Engineering has evolved as the known source for proven performance and reliability.     

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All New: The L2E by Flight Data Systems

Read & record PLASMA CDI outputs on your EFIS!


Read about the latest technology demonstration from Light Speed Engineering. 



For more information on electronic ignition for aircraft, you can hear a Webinar by Light Speed Engineering founder, Klaus Savier.

Click here for the EAA Hosted Webinar: 
Electronic Ignition for Aircraft Engines


PLASMA CD Ignition systems are standard equipment on the following aircraft.

Dual Plasma III on all Cub Crafters CARBON CUB, LSA


- Plasma II on all certified CABRI Helicopters (France)
Dual Plasma III on all VOTEC Aerobatic Aircraft (Switzerland)
Dual Plasma II+ on all Italian Yo-Yo Eliulm Helicopters (modified R22) (Italy) 
New Lycoming Thunderbolt engines are pre-drilled for easy installation of the PLASMA CD Ignition systems.

Continental Motors, formerly ECi, and Superior engines are also available ready for Plasma CDI "bolt-on" upon request. 

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PLASMA Ignition is also available from the leading engine builders on new & overhauled experimental engines.
- Sky Dynamics                - Superior Air Parts
- Aero Sport Power     - Continental Motors, formerly ECi    

The Plasma III and Plasma II Plus Capacitor Discharge (CD) Ignition systems give you the best power and efficiency increase of any ignition source available today.

Proven for over 27 years in racing and numerous world records, it is the best choice to make your engine run smoother with more power and 10 - 20% better range (dependent on power setting).

The reliability and light weight of the Plasma CDI cannot be matched by any mechanically driven system.


Helicopteres Guimbal's new CABRI G2 
Photo credit: C. KERMAREC - Helicopteres Magazine
EASA Supplemental Type Certificate 
Speed Engineering’s PLASMA CDI

press release...



Since 1986, practically all speed and efficiency competition has been dominated by aircraft with Light Speed Engineering technology. Some top finishers not only use LSE Plasma CDI ignition systems but also our advanced composite products.  (To view successes... click here)


A Few Customer Comments:

Skip Stewart
Photo by Scott Slocum

"I have been using the Light Speed Engineering dual electronic ignition system in my air show airplane for over a year.  The system not only works flawlessly, it has made a noticeable improvement in power and smoothness.  Not only do I feel confident with this system while flying my air show routine, but more importantly during the long cross-country flights to and from each show.  I am also getting lower fuel flows at similar power settings as compared to magnetos.  I am now installing the same system on my support airplane and would not hesitate to recommend this upgrade to anyone.  Light Speed Rocks!"

Skip Stewart



"I have an RV-7A with an IO-390 engine and a LSE Plasma III ignition system.  I usually fly around 18,000 feet to get over the mountains here in Colorado and to take advantage of the winds.  There is almost no comparison before and after installing your system.  I have more power with a smoother running engine and better fuel economy.  I replaced the standard issue spark plugs with the new $39 High Performance spark plugs.  I can tell the difference and recommend the new plugs to everyone." 
Warmest wishes and thank you for a great product,
Mike Casey


Steve Wright's Stagger EZ with Plasma III

"The Plasma III is a big improvement over all the systems I've used (and I've used them all).  Thanks for offering such a fine product."  
Steve Wright
Stagger EZ


Tommy Stoneman's Glasair III with Dual Electronic Ignition

- - I am flying the Glasair about 500+ hours a year.  Put 17 hours on it last week on a trip to New York and back to Texas.  On the way back, 12.6 gph, 210kts, at 12,500 MSL.  That is over 2+gallons less per hour than running rich of peak with only 5 to 7 kts lower airspeed.  With the increase in fuel prices ($5.50 in New York), that's $150.00 in fuel savings.  The plugs are not fouling like they were before the new ignitions.  The hot starting problems are gone.  Just runs great- a noticeable difference on climb out.  We are seeing 170 kts and 700 FPM rates up to 7,000 feet.

Tommy Stoneman





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